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What We Do Is Simple:

We Create Teams.

This is why

In the Classroom

Because a talented team can achieve anything; our mission is to help our clients build the teams they need to achieve the impossible.

Our company is called Cre8 (Create) because our company values highly creativity & we engage with industry-leading professionals, partners, & clients in ways that are meaningful, creative & organic.

We create teams because finding talent is an art, but building a team requires a hands-on scientific method.

Our method is designed to help our clients change the world over & over again.

Lets Cre8 Your Dream Team

Our Story

We launched in 2016, after registering in San Jose, CA. as Cre8 SF Inc. the year prior.

Our Talent Services Division grew rapidly upon launching, encouraging us to launch a Nearshore Support operation in The Dominican Republic.

Golden Gate Bridge

The success of our Nearshore Support Operation was quickly witnessed by our clients, which made them interested in exploring similar setups nearshore.

This gave birth to a new business model that allows us to build teams for our clients using a hybrid approach that combines our Silicon Valley Talent Network with our Nearshore Support Structure.

Offering Our Clients

"The best of both worlds"

Why The Dominican Republic?

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